Can I select from timber and aluminum windows and doors?

Yes, Dayview offer a wide range of timber and aluminum window and door sets and systems manufactured to your design requirements.

 What timbers can I select from?

Dayview offer KD hardwood and western red cedar. We find maximum durability from these timber varieties.

What are the standard colour options for aluminum products?

Unlimited by colour, Dayview will colour to your selected powder coat or anodized colour selection. The choice is yours. 4. What glass types are available?
Dayview can offer a selection of glass types and advise on Australian standards for thickness depending on area and span.

Do windows come with keyed locks?

Dayview supply windows with keyed locks as standard unless specified.

What type of handles are fitted to windows?

Dayview install acrylic block handles to sashless windows as standard unless specified.

Are windows supplied with flyscreens?

On most windows flyscreens can be fitted and on many of our window options flyscreens are included.